• June 21, 2024
  • Shatou, Changan, Dongguan, CN
Ultra-precision machining

What is Ultra Precision Machining?

Ultra-precision machining is a processing method with high precision and high surface quality requirements. Its characteristic is that the processing precision reaches the nanometer level, and it can manufacture parts with high precision and excellent surface quality. The dimensional accuracy of parts processing is between 0.1-1μm, and the processing surface roughness is between ra 0.02-0.1μm.

Processing method of ultra-precision machining

Ultra-precision machining includes a variety of processing methods, such as drilling, drilling, grinding, drawing processing, etc. These processing methods are characterized by high precision, high efficiency, and high degree of automation.

  • Drilling: Micro-hole machining with ultra-precision drills.
  • Milling: High-precision flat and curved surface machining by ultra-precision milling machines.
  • Grinding: High-precision grinding with special ultra-precision grinding equipment.
  • Stretching processing: Micron-scale stretching deformation is achieved by stretching machinery.
  • Machining: Micro-machining with high-precision cutting tools.

Advantages of ultra-precision machining

Ultra-precision machining has the following advantages:

  • High precision: The processing precision can reach nanometer level, which can meet the needs of precision parts.
  • High surface quality: After processing, the surface finish of the workpiece is high, without scratches, burrs and other defects.
  • High efficiency: The processing speed is fast, which can meet the needs of mass production.
  • High degree of automation: The processing process is highly automated, reducing manual operations and improving production efficiency.

Application fields of ultra-precision machining

  • Optics: Used to manufacture high-resolution optical components, lenses, prisms, etc.
  • Navigation and aerospace field: Used to manufacture high-precision navigation sensors, gyroscopes, satellite components, etc.
  • Electronic field: Used in the manufacture of microelectronic components, integrated circuits, chips, etc.
  • Medical device field: Used to manufacture high-precision medical device components, artificial joints, etc.
  • Precision machinery field: Used to manufacture ultra-precision machine tools, CNC machine tools, etc.


Ultra-precision machining is a key manufacturing technology to provide high-precision, high-quality parts and equipment for various fields. As technology continues to advance, ultra-precision machining will continue to evolve, bringing innovation and advancement to more industries.

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