• June 21, 2024
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CNC Turning

What is CNC Turning? Operation steps, advantages

CNC turning is a machining method that uses computer numerical control technology to control the lathe for cutting and processing. Through pre-programmed program instructions, it controls the parameters of the lathe in terms of position, speed, tool selection, feed, etc. to machine the workpiece.

This article introduces the operation steps and advantages of CNC turning in detail.

The process of CNC turning includes the following steps:

1. Design the machining program

According to the workpiece requirements and machining process, design the machining program by computer.

2. Edit program

Input the designed machining program into the CNC system, and edit and layout.

3. Set up the workpiece and fixture

Fix the workpiece to be machined on the machine tool and set up the fixture and positioner.

4. Calibrate the lathe

Adjust the position and parameters of the lathe to ensure machining accuracy.

5. Start machining

Control the lathe for machining through the commands of the CNC system, including adjusting the parameters of the tool, workpiece feed, lathe position, etc.

6. Finish machining

After the machining is finished, check and process the machined workpiece, and finally get the workpiece that meets the requirements.

The operation of CNC turning mainly includes programming operation, machine operation and inspection operation.

Compared with traditional turning, CNC turning has the following advantages:

1. High accuracy

Due to the control and adjustment of the CNC system, makes the machining more accurate and have fewer errors.

2. Good stability

The motion trajectory and cutting parameters can be automatically controlled and adjusted during the machining of the CNC lathe, which ensures stability and reduces the changes during manual operation.

3. High production efficiency

CNC lathes can realize automatic production to improve production efficiency and quality stability.

4. Shorten machining cycle

Through CNC programming, complex machining processes can be completed in a shorter time.

5. High programmability

CNC program can write a variety of processes to cut different shapes of workpieces on the same lathe to realize personalized processing.

6. Strong adaptability

CNC lathe can adapt to the processing of a variety of materials, and at the same time, it can also carry out the processing of a variety of shapes and structures.

7. Reduce human labor

CNC lathes can reduce human labor, which reduces labor intensity and labor cost.


CNC turning is a precision machining technology that achieves high-precision, high-efficiency, and flexible machining operations through computer control systems. In the modern manufacturing industry, CNC turning has become an important processing technology and is widely used in various industries.

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