• June 21, 2024
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Wire cutting machine

What is a wire-cutting machine and how it works?

A wire-cutting machine is a type of mechanical equipment that uses the principle of wire spark erosion to cut metal materials. It is extensively employed in industrial production to cut metal workpieces, particularly thicker workpieces, and can cut various types of metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, and copper.

This article introduces in detail the working principle, equipment structure, material selection, advantages, and applications of wire-cutting machines.

1. Working principle

The wire-cutting machine is controlled by a computer. It passes a high-tension metal wire through the cut, forming a closed electrical circuit. Once electrified, the current generates high heat energy between the workpiece and the wire, raising the temperature of the local area of the workpiece to above its melting point. The control system of the machine governs the wire’s speed, moving at a certain velocity to match the cutting track of the workpiece, and thus allowing for the cutting of the workpiece to occur.

2. Equipment structure

A wire-cutting machine usually consists of several parts, such as a machine tool, a workbench, a wire-cutting system, a cutting water spray system, and a control system. Among these, the workbench is used to support and fix the workpiece. The wire-cutting system is composed of a wire tensioning device, a wire guiding device, and a working permeate supply device.

3. Material selection

The wire cutting machine is capable of cutting various materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and other metal materials. To serve this purpose, wire-cutting machines typically employ high-hardness and high-tenacity metal wires as cutting tools.

4. Advantages and Applications

The wire-cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting precision, high processing efficiency, and good surface quality. It is suitable for workpieces of various complex shapes. Moreover, it is widely used in mold processing, metal processing, aerospace, and other fields in the manufacturing industry.

5. Maintenance and Safety

The maintenance of the wire-cutting machine includes regular upkeep of equipment, replacement of worn parts, and more. During operation, safety measures should be taken to avoid accidental injuries, such as electric shock and collisions.

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