• June 21, 2024
  • Shatou, Changan, Dongguan, CN
Waterjet Cutting vs. Laser Cutting

Waterjet cutting vs laser cutting: which is better?

Waterjet cutting and laser cutting are both common metalworking processes. Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure water jet with abrasive to cut, while laser cutting uses a laser to cut on the metal surface.

Advantages of waterjet cutting

(1) Waterjet cutting can cut a variety of materials, including metal, stone, ceramics, glass, etc.

(2) No heat is generated during the cutting process, which will not affect the nature and structure of the material.

(3) Fast cutting speed, can efficiently complete the task of cutting large quantities.

Disadvantages of waterjet cutting

(1) Waterjet cutting requires the use of abrasives, the need to constantly replenish the abrasive cost is high.

(2) After cutting will produce a certain amount of burr and roughness of the cutting surface is high.

Advantages of laser cutting

(1) Laser cutting kerf quality, high precision and fast.

(2) Laser cutting does not need to add abrasive, no pollution and noise.

(3) The requirements for material are low.

Disadvantages of laser cutting

(1) Laser cutting requires high maintenance, operating costs and environmental requirements.

(2) If the material is too thick requires a high-power laser, which will consume higher energy.

(3) The cost of laser cutting is high and is not suitable for mass production.

Application scenario comparison

Waterjet cutting is suitable for a variety of materials, such as metal, stone, ceramics, glass, etc.. Laser cutting, on the other hand, is more suitable for cutting metal materials, can cut thinner plates, processing processing accuracy is higher.

Cost comparison

Most of the laser cutting equipment use better electrical and optical equipment, the cost of waterjet cutting equipment is mainly related to the quality of high-pressure water pumps and transport turntables. Therefore, the equipment costs of these two cutting methods show different characteristics.

Risk assessment

Waterjet cutting has higher kerf burrs, the kerf will be abrasive, and some materials are difficult to cut. Laser cutting requires more energy and has special environmental requirements.


Considered together, waterjet and laser cutting both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of cutting method needs to be based on the specific material and cutting requirements. If focus on accuracy and efficiency, laser cutting is more suitable; if cutting rough materials, waterjet cutting is more suitable.

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