• June 21, 2024
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laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process in which the heat energy of a high-energy laser beam is used to heat the material to melt or vaporize, and the laser beam moves on the surface of the material to achieve cutting. In general, laser cutting can be used on a variety of different types of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, textiles, and more.

Laser engraving process

The laser engraving process is a new type of processing technology. Its main principle is to mark the surface of.

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How to cut sheet metal?

Sheet metal cutting is an important process for making all kinds of main control boxes, auto parts, furniture and other.

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Laser Cutting: Principles and Advantages of Laser Cutting of Metals

The laser cutting process is the most basic and widely used process in sheet metal manufacturing. Laser cutting of sheet.

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Waterjet cutting vs laser cutting: which is better?

Waterjet cutting and laser cutting are both common metalworking processes. Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure water jet with an abrasive.

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Plasma cutting principle and characteristics?

Plasma cutting is a thermal method of cutting metal that can be cost-effective, cut a wider area, with high accuracy.

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