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Sheet metal material

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We offer a wide range of sheet metal materials to meet your various needs.

sheet metal material

Sheet metal material

NamePerformance classificationNational Standard GradeJapanese standard gradeYield limit σs (MPa)
Cold rolled sheetCommonQ235ASPCC<235
Cold rolled sheetDeep Charge08FSPCD<195
Cold rolled sheetSuper deep punch08A1SPCE<180
Hot-dipped galvanized sheetGeneralDC51D/DC52DSGCC<235
Hot-dipped galvanized sheetStampingDC53DSGCD<215
Hot-dipped galvanized sheetDeep ChargeDC53D/DC54DSGCD2<195
Hot-dipped galvanized sheetSuper deep punchDC54DSGCD3<180
Electro Galvanized SheetGeneralDC01+ZESGCC<235
Electro Galvanized SheetDeep ChargeDC03+ZE / DC04+ZESECD<195
Electro Galvanized SheetSuper deep punchDC06+ZESECE<180
Stainless SteelDeep Charge1Cr17Ni7SUS301≥205
Stainless SteelDeep Charge1Cr18Ni9SUS302≥205
Stainless SteelDeep Charge06Cr19Ni10SUS304≥205
Aluminum alloy plateDeep Charge6061A606156
Aluminum alloy plateDeep Charge5A0380
Aluminum alloy plateGeneral2A06285

Our sheet metal processing product case


Sheet metal processing is a technology that uses plates or strips for processing, and the purpose is to produce parts that meet the requirements through the sheet metal processing process. 

Sheet metal bending is a metalworking technique by which a flat metal part is processed and folded into a U-shape, V-shape, or grooved shape.

Sheet metal enclosures are an integral part of electronic products such as routers, communication devices, and servers. The design of sheet metal enclosure plays an important role in the appearance, structure and function of the product. 

Sheet metal welding is a complex process involving a variety of techniques and requires the proper knowledge and skills to get the best results. By using welding work, sheet metal welding is a great way to save time on a project.

Riveting and welding are common processes for joining two pieces of metal together, and they differ in their applications and characteristics. Choosing the right joining process requires consideration of several factors, such as structural and commercial needs.