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Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment Of Metal Parts

Surface treatment of metal parts is a process of improving, processing and protecting metal materials. Commonly used surface treatment methods include coating, spraying and oxidation. Through surface treatment, the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aesthetics of metal parts can be improved, and the service life can be extended. The surface treatment process of metal parts is widely used in automobiles, machinery, electronics and other industries.

Surface treatment description of metal parts

PolishingPolishing including mechanical polishing(Ra: 0.3~3.0μm), electrolytic polishing (Ra: 0.05μm), chemical polishing (Ra: 1μm) and etc. The most smooth is mirror polishing (Ra: 0.008μm). The polishing can deburr and break sharp edges, get the smooth surface.Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper,n/aGlossy
AnodizingAnodizing improves aluminum corrosion resistance, enhancing wear resistance and hardness, and protecting the metal surface. Widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft, and automobile parts, precision instruments, etc.AluminumClear, black, grey, red, blue, gold.Smooth, matte finish.
Hard AnodizingHard Anodizing is with have the oxidation film: 25~250μm, The oxide film has poor thermal conductivity, melting point of 2050℃, large resistance coefficient, breakdown voltage up to 2000V, high corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, high wear resistance, also an ideal heat insulation film layer, also has good insulation, and has a solid combination with the base metal. Mainly used in aluminum and aluminum alloy parts requiring high wear resistance, heat resistance, good insulation performance,Aluminumn/aSmooth, matte finish.
SandBlastingSandblasting uses compressed air as the power to spray blasting material onto the surface of the workpiece. The impact and cutting effect can clear burrs, clean the metal material, obtain a good cleanliness, flatness, polish the edge rounding, improve the mechanical properties of the surface, improve fatigue resistance, increase the adhesion for the coating, and extend durability.Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/aMatte
Powder CoatingPowder coating is mainly applied to castings, due to the rough surface of castings and pinholes, spraying powder thickness is thick (50~300μm), can effectively fill and repair the defects of the parts. Powder coated castings have good adhesion, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and can be sprayed in different colorsAluminum, Stainless Steel, SteelBlack, any RAL code or Pantone numberGloss or semi-gloss
ElectroplatingElectroplating is plating on a thin layer of other metal or alloy on some metal surface, the layer of metal film can prevent metal oxidation, corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective, corrosion resistance and improve the appearanceAluminum, steel, stainless steeln/aSmooth, glossy finish
BrushingBrushing is a surface treatment process in which abrasive belts are used to draw traces on the surface of a material, usually for aesthetic purposes.ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/asatin
Surface Treatment

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