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3D printing

3d Printing Service

Jmproto is a company that produces high-quality 3D-printed parts for engineers, designers, and manufacturers. We utilize the latest and greatest 3D printing technologies and software to transform your ideas into tangible objects.

Our Works

Our recent 3D-printed products

3D printing materials

  • Aluminum (6061/7075/6063/5052/2A12, etc.)
  • Brass (C36000(C26800) C37700(HPb59) C38500(HPb58) C27200(CuZn37) C28000 ,etc.)
  • Copper
  • Steel(20# 45# Q235/A3 40Cr,etc.)
  • Stainless Steel(302/303/304/316/310/420,etc.)
  • Iron (1213/12L14/1215, etc.)
  • Bronze (C51000/C521000/C54400,etc.)
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Fiber, etc.
  • ABS-(Natural / Black / Flame Retardant/)
  • PC / Polycarbonate-(Clear / Black)
  • ABS+PC-(Clear / Black)
  • PMMA / Acrylic- (Clear / Black)
  • PA/Nylon-(Natural / Black / 30%GF)
  • PP / Polypropylene-(Natural / Black / 20% GF)
  • POM / Acetal / Delrin-(Black / White)
  • PPS / Polyphenylene sulfide
  • PVC/ Polyvinyl chloride (White/Gray)
  • PTFE/ Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • PEEK/ Polyether ether ketone
  • Epoxy Tooling board, etc.

Common 3D printing materials include plastics, metals, and even ceramics.

3D machining parameter

Surface FinishingTransparent / Color anodized, Hard anodizing, Painting,
Powder coating, Sand blasting, Laser carving, Silk screening,
Nickel plated, chrome, Galvanized, Silver / gold plating,
Black oxide coating,  polishing;etc….
3D filePigs/.stp/.x_t/.step/.prt/.stl/.sldprt/.dwg/.dxf
3D Printing TechnologiesSLM, SLA,
Layer thickness tolerance±0.1mm
Minimum wall thickness tolerance0.50mm
Max Printed Size250*250*300mm
Accuracy tolerance±0.1mm
Production Time1-5 Days
3D printing proto

Advantages of 3D printing

Using 3D printing technology, various components can be manufactured and delivered in as little as 3 days, thus greatly accelerating design iterations and time to market.

3d printing service

Why choose us?

Rapid 3D printing processing (Lead time about 3~10days)

  • 3D file analysis and transfer to STL process program file(approx. 4-12 hours)
  • Adjust machine parameters, material, and preheat equipment (approx. 1-4 hours)
  • Start printing (about 10-100 hours)
  • Put off part from machine, clean powder (about 0.5-1 hour)
  • Heat treatment (about 2-6 hours)
  • Wire cut separate parts from fix platform (approx. 2-6 hours)
  • Surface treatment (about 12-48 hours)
  • Quality inspection (approx. 1-4 hours)

Jmproto is a powerful enterprise equipped with advanced production tools and professional talents. Our core R&D team consists of 60 people. We are dedicated to providing customers with a complete range of services, including 3D design, production, quality inspection, and delivery solutions.

We invest in the latest 3D printing technology and equipment to ensure accurate and high-quality prints. Our machines are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit different project requirements.

We offer competitive prices for our 3D printing services. Our pricing structure is transparent, and we provide detailed quotes based on project complexity, material requirements, and other factors.

Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. Throughout the project, we prioritize open communication, collaboration, and feedback to ensure our clients are involved in every step of the process, enabling us to achieve their desired outcomes.

Quality Ensurance

When get clients’ design 3D and CAD files, we will analyze the size, tolerance, roughness, hardness, and so on. During the production and finishing of the parts, we will use professional inspection instruments to control the quality: the CMM measurement machines, ID micrometer, OD micrometer, electronic height meter, hardness meter, thread stop gauge, external thread ring gauge, electronic caliper.

  1. Material quality inspection 
  2. Precision quality inspection
  3. Appearance quality inspection
  4. Function quality inspection
  5. Structural inspection
  6. Surface finish inspection
  7. Packaging inspection


Inspect quality ok then ship out

How to start a 3D printing project?

Send us your demand detail: 1. Demand quantity, 2. Design files, 3. Material, 4. after-processing, finish demand. Then we will offer and process them high-efficiently. 

3D printing process flow

Send us a message now, we will send an offer and more files for your reference.

As one of the leading CNC machining, sheet metal working and 3D printing manufacturers in China, we warmly welcome your visit.

Please contact us now and we will get back to you quickly within 12 hours.

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3D printing process steps

3D printing is a popular prototyping method for manufacturing companies because it allows for the quick and efficient construction of prototypes.

Important factors need to consider

To achieve the perfect balance in 3D printing, key factors such as size, resolution, thickness, orientation, and material selection need to be considered.

3D Printing Application

With the continuous development and breakthroughs in 3D printer technology, more and more industries are applying 3D printing.