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Precision Electronic Connectors

Precision Electronic Connectors

This project aims to design and develop a high-quality, high-stability precision electronic connector to meet the connection requirements in different industries and application scenarios.

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  • 07 August, 2022
  • 11 August, 2022
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Precision electronic connectors

Precision electronic connectors are components used to connect electronic components for signal transmission and power connection to establish high-precision, high-reliability circuits. It is made by CNC processing technology, and its main function is to provide power, signal and data transmission for different electronic devices.

Precision electronic connectors usually use high-precision processing techniques and materials to ensure good performance of the connector. The materials and processes used for connector manufacturing include PBT, NYLON, Teflon, metal, precision injection molding, high-temperature casting, etc., which can take into account both conduction and insulation to provide stable electrical performance. In terms of accuracy requirements, it generally reaches the accuracy of a few tenths of a micron to meet the requirements of high speed, high density, high signal integrity and low distortion.

Common precision electronic connectors include card connectors, on-board connectors, high-density connectors, smart connectors, waterproof connectors, flying lead connectors, etc. They are widely used in communication, computer, automobile, medical and other fields.

Project Challenges

Precision electronic connectors are an integral part of electronic products and have the functions of connecting and transmitting signals, power and data. The challenges of this project mainly include the following aspects:

Solution & Results

The implementation of the solution can make precision electronic connectors have the characteristics of high precision, high reliability, and high adaptability, and then provide strong support for the stable operation and high-efficiency performance of various electronic equipment.

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