• June 21, 2024
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Drawing 3d prints

How to paint 3d prints?

Painting 3D prints is the best option to make your design look more colorful and attractive. You can add details and colors to make it more personalized with a spin-off. Before, among and after you start painting, you need to take step-by-step steps to get professional results and not just simply paint or spray after printing. Read on and learn our method for painting 3D printed parts.

Tool list:

  • – 3D printed object
  • – Sandpaper (120, 240, 220, 400 and 1000 sandpaper)
  • – Primer
  • – Acrylic paint
  • – Paintbrush
  • – Varnish spray
  • – Topical alcohol
  • – Brushes
  • – Spray gun
  • – Lanyard
  • – Pointed pliers
  • – Gloves
  • – Breathing mask


1. Sand the 3D-printed object with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots or bumps.

2. Sand the object again with 400-grit sandpaper to obtain a smoother surface.

3. Clean the object with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris.

4. Apply a coat of primer to the object, one or two thin coats are better than one thick coat, and let the primer dry completely.

5. Apply the first coat of acrylic paint with a fine paintbrush and let the paint dry completely.

6. Repeat step 5 with another coat of paint until the desired color intensity is achieved.

7. Allow the final coat of paint to dry completely.

8. Spray on a clear coat to protect the paint and provide a glossy finish.

9. Allow the clear coat to dry completely before handling the object.

10. To finish the 3D print, you can use a gold or silver spray to create a fun shimmering effect, or an antique finish if you want a vintage look. Alternatively, you can paint it with your favorite colors, patterns and graphics. If you want to make the print more interesting, you can experiment with different layer heights, fill densities, and speeds during the printing process. Also, add support structures to your design to make the printed product more stable and complete.

These are the basic steps to use as a guide when painting 3D-printed parts. It is important to experiment with different techniques and materials to find the best way to create the desired look.

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