• June 21, 2024
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Cut sheet metal

How to cut sheet metal?

Sheet metal cutting is an important process for making all kinds of main control boxes, auto parts, furniture and other sheet metal products. Common sheet metal cutting methods include the following:

Shearing method

The shearing method is one of the widely used sheet metal cutting techniques, which can use sheet metal scissors or mechanical shears to cut sheet metal materials into desired shapes and sizes. Before the cutting operation, the sheet needs to be placed on the workbench, and the required size and shape can be accurately determined using a protractor or other measuring tool. The sheet is then secured to a shearing table and cut by manual or mechanical operators.

Extrusion method

The extrusion method is a commonly used sheet metal cutting method, using an extruder to extrude the metal sheet into the desired shape and size. The method involves placing the sheet on the extruder and using a protractor or other measuring tool to pinpoint the desired size and shape. Then, cut by adjusting extruder parameters, such as pressure, speed, etc.

Drilling method

The drilling method is a sheet metal cutting method suitable for small holes. It uses a drill to drill holes and cuts off the sheet by rotating and advancing the drill. Before using the drilling method, it is necessary to use measuring tools to accurately determine the required hole diameter and position, then fix the plate on the workbench, and use a manual or electric drill machine for cutting. By using this method, it is easy to cut the small holes you need to achieve the desired result.

Flame cutting

The flame-cutting method is suitable for sheet metal cutting of thick plates. This method uses an oxyacetylene flame to melt the plate and then injects oxygen to achieve the shape and size required for cutting. During operation, it is necessary to fix the flame-cutting machine on the plate and adjust parameters, such as oxygen flow, temperature, etc., to achieve the best results.

In conclusion, different methods of sheet metal cutting are suitable for different occasions and requirements. Choosing the right method can improve production efficiency and quality.

Before sheet metal cutting, detailed engineering drawings must be drawn to clarify the cutting size and technical requirements to ensure that the cutting results meet the design requirements. Jmproto provides sheet metal cutting services, please contact us if you have needs.

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