• June 21, 2024
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CNC surface processing

Factors to consider in CNC surface machining

Factors to be considered in CNC surface processing include the following aspects:

1. Machining accuracy requirements

Based on the precision requirements of the workpiece, a suitable surface processing method must be chosen such as grinding, polishing, or scratching. When selecting machine tools, it is important to consider the limitations of CNC machine accuracy, including positioning accuracy, repeatability, and rigidity.

To meet the design and functional requirements of the workpiece, the necessary machining accuracy must be determined, including dimensional, shape, and positional accuracy.

2. Processing speed requirements

To comply with the production and efficiency requirements of the workpiece, the appropriate surface processing method should be chosen. This may include milling, turning, grinding, and others.

3. Processing material characteristics

The selection of surface processing methods for different materials varies, and various factors such as the material’s hardness, wear resistance, and plasticity must be taken into account.

Hardness: For materials with higher hardness, such as metal, you can choose grinding, turning, boring and other processing methods. These methods can better handle the surface of hard materials and obtain higher machining accuracy.

Wear resistance: For the situation where the wear resistance of the material surface needs to be improved, surface spraying, coating, nitriding and other processing methods can be selected. These methods can form a hard protective layer on the surface of the material and improve wear resistance.

Plasticity: For materials with high plasticity, such as plastics and rubber, processing methods such as hot pressing, extrusion, and injection molding can be selected. These methods enable machining and shaping by changing the shape of the material’s surface through heat and pressure.

4. Shape and size

The shape and size of the workpiece play a key role in selecting the surface processing method. Therefore, when determining the appropriate processing method, it is necessary to consider its applicability and feasibility comprehensively.

5. Machining surface treatment

In some cases, special treatment is required on the machined surface, such as passivation, electroplating, sandblasting, etc., to improve the quality and corrosion resistance of the surface. The appropriate surface treatment method needs to be selected according to specific requirements.

6. Processing cost

When considering the surface processing method, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the equipment cost, man-hour cost and consumable cost of the processing method to choose an economical and reasonable processing method. The comprehensive analysis of these factors can help us determine the best processing method, which can not only meet the processing quality and process requirements, but also reduce the cost to the greatest extent.

7. Processing difficulty

The difficulty of the processing method is one of the factors to be considered in the selection, and it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the skill level of the operator and the reliability of the equipment.

8. Environmental requirements

When choosing a processing method, it is also necessary to consider the impact of the processing environment on the operator and equipment, including factors such as noise, dust, and waste liquid treatment.

9. Cutting parameters

The selection of cutting parameters, including cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth, has a direct impact on the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, in order to achieve the required machining accuracy, it is necessary to determine the appropriate cutting parameters according to the machining accuracy requirements and material characteristics.

10. Knives and tool wear

According to the requirements of the processing method on the tool and the wear condition, choose a suitable surface processing method to prolong the life of the tool.


To sum up, if the CNC surface processing is reasonably selected and controlled, it is of great significance to ensure the processing quality and efficiency.

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