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Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing Services

Our rapid prototyping and on-demand production services,
Includes CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and 3D printed parts.


Qualified Team

100% job training is provided to employees.

Industry Standard

100% adherence to tolerance industry standards.

Quality inspection

100% quality checked and test reports available.
Sheet Metal Processing Center
About Jmproto

Provide solutions for high precison parts or geometrically complex parts

Laser Cutting Center

We’re In This Business Since 2012 Provide The Best Services

With years of manufacturing experience, JMPROTO offers the best solutions for highly decorative parts and parts with complex geometries, with the ability of custom rapid prototyping and low-volume parts manufacturing.

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Mr. Sam Wu

CEO Of Factory

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Services We PRovide

Our Awesome One-stop Services For Industrial Company

We provide on-demand customized CNC machining, sheet metal processing and 3D printing services, parts are widely used in industrial manufacturing, such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, sports equipment and medical industries.

Metal Bending Services

Metal bending service is a processing method that bends metal materials into desired shapes

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a highly precise and efficient manufacturing process that uses a laser

Surface Treatment Of Metal Parts

Surface treatment of metal parts is a process of improving, processing and protecting metal

3d Printing Service

Jmproto is a company that produces high-quality 3D-printed parts for engineers, designers, and manufacturers.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication involves cutting, bending and shaping the metal to create a specific

Die Casting

Die casting is used to produce high-quality metal parts and components, It involves injecting
Precision Hardware Design

Providing Full Range of High Quality
Services Solution

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Our advantage

We Build Everything That You Needed

Our company's team is responsive and comprehensive, no matter what kind of rapid prototype parts you need, we can produce them on demand according to your drawings, ensuring you get the best processing experience and the most satisfactory product results.


A team of technicians with an average age of over 10 years specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, resin and nylon parts.

ISO Certification

A modern quality management system and a clean production and processing workshop provide strong support for production efficiency.
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What’s Our Clients Talk About Our Work

"I recently used Jiman for my CNC machining and was very impressed with the quality of their work. The precision and attention to detail is outstanding."

Miss.Abigail Clark

CEO, Marketing

"Jiman's sheet metal processing capabilities are top-notch, and they can produce complex parts quickly and accurately. I highly recommend their services."

Mr. Timothy Turner

CEO, Marketing

"I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency of jiman's 3D printing service. They were able to make a prototype in just a few days, saving us a lot of time and money."

Miss. Caroline Carter

CEO, Marketing

"We have been using jiman for our machining needs for many years and they have never disappointed us. Their team is highly skilled and always deliver high quality work on time."

Mr. James Anderson

CEO, Marketing
Abigail Clark
Timothy Turner
Caroline Carter
James Anderson
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